Sunday, May 11, 2008

Watercolor – Two New Portraits and One in Progress

After recovering from some medical problems, my muse has finally returned. It is funny how mood can affect your painting and your urge to paint. I am feeling well and back in the groove; much has been going on lately. More soon…

The first painting is my first attempt at a full sheet portrait (23” X 30”) on a new brand of paper I have not tried before. From now on, I plan to stay with Arches, the paper that works the best for me.

Smile II

The second painting is another view of my friend Karen. This one is on ½ sheet, Arches CP 140# paper. I had more fun painting this one because I didn’t have to constantly think of how the paint would react with the paper!

Karen II

Finally, this young lady was kind enough to pose for several reference photos and like most of my paintings at this stage, I’m not sure how it will turn out. It is on 300 lb. Arches rough paper, ¼ sheet size. Stay tuned in...

Work in Progress (un-named)


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