Monday, August 07, 2006


In the course of working on my looser style, I have again received great advice from the many books and DVDs available to artists today. From my studies, the several exercises that preceded this painting have led me to this point in my painting methods and techniques. Each exercise moved me closer to my goal, which I believe I have achieved. This will not be a titled painting, but just a watercolor sketch.


Blogger Jane Freeman said...

Bob, this is just lovely! I love your new style!!! I do not see the name of your mentor from the UK...would like to know!? I say keep it up as I think you have found your niche because you are exceling at it!

5:58 AM  
Blogger dcglovier said...

Bob, this is stunning. The exercises you speak of...can you share? I'm new to watercolor and find that I have a tight style and would like to move as quickly away from that as possible to a looser style. Any advice would be appreciated.
Doris Glovier

6:33 AM  

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