Sunday, January 08, 2006

Painting Outdoors - Plein Air

As an artist, each day I see scenes all around me that I would like to paint, and impart my special vision. My latest adventures into painting outdoors (plein-air) have been difficult. Sketching, that is a whole different story! I can carry my sketch pad and camera with me everywhere I go. Sketching and taking reference pictures can be a lot of fun. Artists that can haul all their painting stuff to the great outdoors and set up to paint have always held my respect. Many who are accomplished at this form of outdoor painting refer to the other artists who do not paint in the outdoors as “studio” artist. Yep, that is me! I have been a studio artist for years. Frankly, it is not half bad, because you have all your art stuff around you in your studio. You are not limited in what you can do by not having all your stuff!

Plein-air painting in watercolor is something I intend to conquer. I have decided not to let this style of painting beat me! Culling my art stuff down to a manageable lot that I can carry has been a trying experience. I’m always thinking what if I need this, or that, and by time I’m finished packing, I can hardly carry all this stuff! This is a painting that I sketched on location at Longwood, Florida, and finished in my studio. So, it is one-half plein-air painting and one-half a studio painting.


Blogger MTYokawonis said...

Charles Reid uses a sketchbook which he balances on his lap while holding a small watercolor palette and brush. He uses hard cover sketchbooks probably because they offer some support.

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