Monday, July 16, 2007

Watercolor – What is not to like about Boats?

Nautical scenes still hold my fascination. Although I have been concentrating on portraits lately, here are a few recent boat paintings that I like the final result.

I hope you find the scenes interesting too! The difficulty with painting a nautical scene, or for that matter a landscape, is to determine what to leave in and what to leave out! Many times you can just delete things from your reference and just focus on the central view. Other times the surroundings features support your central view, but you can paint those elements in a looser manner.

From Venice to Florida, nautical scenes are popular and not necessary a “guy” thing. So relax and enjoy the view.


Blogger Carolynn McDade said...

hi.. i very much enjoyed my visit to your blog.. i'm also a watercolor artist, and i'm a rather "stiff" painter, if i do say so myself....working on a looser shoulder.

you do great work, that's for sure...

thank you for sharing!

6:16 PM  

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