Saturday, April 28, 2007

Watercolor – Controlled Blooms - #2

Sorry I’m late getting back here but I have been involved in a wonderful art experiment. Since I am a traditionalist when it comes to transparent watercolor, and there are others world wide who enjoy traditional transparent watercolor.

While many watercolor artists despise blooms during the painting process as noted in my previous posting, I love them. By encouraging blooms through new techniques I have discovered, and then in painting many multiple layers of blooms, I have been getting interesting results. While I will let you decide if the results are interesting, I have added this techniques to my bag of methods and techniques in producing my art.

This new method has a lot to do with the timing of moisture control of the paper and the thinness or thickness of the paint applied in a “wet into wet” process for a given section of the paper. Then letting it dry and then repeating the process.


Blogger Little Nester said...

Hi Bob-

Former student of yours...classes with city of Casselberry. I moved to Alabama and unfortunately cannot take any of your classes...I sure miss the good teaching. I created a blog myself & mentioned should visit it and see my progress. Would love to get a critique from you!

Warment Regards & I really admire your work.

Stacey Ryan

7:23 PM  

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