Friday, December 30, 2005

That Old Saying: "To Thy Own Self Be True"

Not listening to my calling and native talent I went off into the world to make my way. I won’t bore you with the details. I always I felt like an artist but without a medium. I went to galleries, museums, art shows and art fairs, all the while fascinated by the beauty and feeling conveyed by the artists. Somewhere in the back of my “right” brain, late in life, I decided to purchase a set of inexpensive watercolors, brushes and paper. Thus, began my journey, but late in life. My world has not been the same since!

Just like most beginners, my early attempts were marginal. Now “marginal” is a relative word when your native talent is the sight an artist has been granted. What I mean by “the sight” is when you can look at a painting, any painting, and tell if it is a good painting or a bad painting, that is native ability. Artists, as well as collectors, have that ability. I knew there was only one cure for me to correct these early attempts and that was to study.

Books were my first art teachers. Later, I took workshops and observed nationally famous watercolor artists demonstrate their art. As the years have gone by, my art has improved and it is finally looking good. Over the years I have learned two important things: First, I should have started earlier when I knew I had this native talent. Secondly, in art the more I learn and understand, the more there is to learn and understand.

So take heed would be artists, do not ignore your calling, I recommend to you, to thy own self be true!